Monday, April 27, 2009 Emailing my lawyer ...

First time on ... in weeks. In hiding. Ministry of Children and Families attempted to apprehend my child on Easter Friday, from Whole Foods in W.Van. Turns out he is now 13 and has more rights than their wrongs. The move by MCFD was "illegal" as said by the After Hours worker sent by head honchess - Marilyn - to "take him".

Much dirty laundry to launder.

Believe I shall continue speaking and writing the Truth. This is scary enough, it seems.

My lawyer tells me, "They find you flamboyant" and " They need to be educated" says MCFD's lawyer, who 'gets me". After all, one needs to understand me is a healthy mind. And, even better, an even healthier heart.

Send me well - wishes, please.

We have been "hiding out" for the past 2 weeks. I am soon to start up my own podcast. Stay tuned...

I sincerely wish you to contact 'the powers that be', not the ones who think they are ... And, send me your Light, Love and a few Laughs!

Be sure and read: "Stolen Heartbeat" as written for www. ( Pear Magazine ), this January 09. Let me know how my words and truth touch you.

With all my healing heart,

Katherine Marion

And, more ....

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