Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raw and Real at 51 - Young and Youthful Forever!

My homeschooling teen and I began living the raw, vegan lifestyle, close to 9 yummy years ago. Over half of Kaelin's 15 years on this youthful non-diet, have been 'well spent.' After close to a century ...eating organically and orgasmically, of the seed, and off the vine, from the root and as does the shoot, there is no turning back. Starting our day with fresh lemon; squeezed into water, to cleanse the GI tract. Next, drinking our Himalayan crystal's soaked in water to create a brine. Lastly, an overflowing glass of PH-balanced Greens, follows ...

After drinking 24 oz of pure liquids, upon first arising, a body does what it is naturally meant to do .. if you know what I mean. Detoxification through the natural art of elimination. How perfect a process can it be? A lean, toned physique, smooth, flawless complexion shiny hair, sparkling eyes, and even-minded disposition, has never been easier. Even as a 51 year young, homeschooling, single mommy, possibly entering into peri-menopause; hormonally charged with dwindling supplies of estrogen, intact .. Enzymatically-charged whole foods, are the only way to seriously live one's precious and playful life.

Freshly prepared fruit juices and fruits; a cleansing start to a new and rawsome day. Personally, I prefer to begin with a gorgeous pink grapefruit. You can literally feel the divine difference.

For lunch and/or dinner; a supernatural kale and broccoli sprout salad; served with the 'good fats' of avocado and black Botija olives from Peru. Drizzled with unpastuerized olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and Himalyan crystals. Often, a couple of Kats Hot Flax Crax, to really spice up the divine delivery. So many ways to keep mealtime exciting and meal preparation easy and inviting ...

Snacks can be as simple as soaking a jar of almonds, overnight, rinsing, and eating the next day. Maybe with a dash of Bragg's Amino's, if you like a little season for a rawk'n reason.

'IceDream" as I love to name it; one peeled and frozen banana; put through the Champion juicer and blended with naturally-sweetened Medjool dates or raisins. Whatever your little, luscious heart, dearly desires. For you are the Queen of you Queendom The ruler of your own shining Sun, and the Mother of all magical Moon's.

We eat of Nature. From the Earth do we arise. And, shall we go back into .. Thus, partake of what we are already so magically made of ... Only makes common, courteous and consciousness-raising sense, right?

Rawstruck in Vancouver, B.C.,



See you at my teen homelearner's upcoming 'Calm Cafe" raw food preparation workshop and divinely delicious dinner, this August. Stay tuned in and turned-on for more delectable details!

Please feel free to contact me:


ph:604-266-LIVE (5483)


For bulk food sales of Botija fermented olives, Hawaiin Macadamia nuts, soft, sweet dates, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, vanilla beans, sprouted granola, and more ...

Call me and Yummmm .. on over!!!

So many ways to keep

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot 'n Spicy September with Kats Hot Flax Crax

                         105 Degrees Of Deliciousness - Kats Hot Flax Crax

                                1 Rawsome Un-Cooked Improviserio

                              Rawstruck Room for Gorgeous Growth

                                        The Power To Create




                                   Willingness To Go Wild!

I shall be turning 50 years young, this January 5th! At 49 years fit and fantastic, I am more than willing and ready to admit that I am a hotter than hot-house tomato, still in ever-ripening transition. 

Thus, allow me and mine supernatural powers extraordinaire to ignite your natural sense of self; allowing you to find the freedom to express your most inner being. Letting go of societal expectations and self-inflicted limitations. Merely to magically un-cover and divinely discover the spicy sweetheart you have been waiting to boldly and bravely bring out of hiding!

Here glows ...

                                     Purposeful  Preparation

                 ( Preferably garden fresh, local, organic and orgasmic ) 

                                      Heirloom Tomatoes

                                      Red Spanish Onion

                            Bunch Of Gorgeous Green Cilantro

                                       Jalapeno Pepper 


                                  Crunchy Celery Stalks

                                       Garlic Cloves

                                     Cardamon Seeds

 Chop, slice, dice and delectably deliver an intensely desirable array of healing rainbow colors of vegetables, herbs and spices ( maybe cumin or curry ... ) into a very large vessel worthy of fermenting your ingenius and most consciousness-raising mixture, for a discerning day, taste-tempting two, thought-provoking three or ....

Fold in ground golden flax seeds from Manitoba, mixed with clean, pure alkaline water. Preferably at least one generous 454 gram bagful of Goddess-blessed goodness, thoroughly saturated and beautifully hand-blended.

You are going to need ample counter space and a very large mixing bowl to create your magical potion. And, a folded dish towel or heavy cheesecloth to cover and protect one pure and precious creation.

After your amount of desired days ... for maximum acidopholus/bifidus creating fermentation, start dolloping out large ladles of lusciousness onto a teflon dehydrator sheet. Cover with brown un-waxed paper or prepare for more cleanup, later ....

You are gonna want to taste these tender morsels as they slowly un-cook in their own calming caldron of un-cooked 105 degree heaven. My son and I rarely see a Kat's Hot Flax Crax make it to desired 'time' quota. We enjoy far too much ... taste-testing tender 'burgers' of natures own bounty, wrapping our moist and wickedly tasty wonders in hy-dried nori sheets and filling with chunks of lemon and himalayan crystal drizzled avocado. For a real glow, just go .... do it. We are!

Please enjoy these very recent pics taken at our very calming oasis of a home. Be sure and bite into this week's videotape of my homeschooling son, Kaelin; flattening out fermented flax ...

 www.youtube.com/rawsomechef or possibly www.youtube.com/lifeofagreatmommmy. 

Who am I to know everything? The universe sets my peaceful pace ... I simply up-load, invite, entice... and share everything raw-inspiring, naturally nice, and filled with spankingly sexy spice!

With Highest and Hottest Intentions,










Monday, April 27, 2009

www.SupernaturalWoman.com Emailing my lawyer ...

First time on ... in weeks. In hiding. Ministry of Children and Families attempted to apprehend my child on Easter Friday, from Whole Foods in W.Van. Turns out he is now 13 and has more rights than their wrongs. The move by MCFD was "illegal" as said by the After Hours worker sent by head honchess - Marilyn - to "take him".

Much dirty laundry to launder.

Believe I shall continue speaking and writing the Truth. This is scary enough, it seems.

My lawyer tells me, "They find you flamboyant" and " They need to be educated" says MCFD's lawyer, who 'gets me". After all, one needs to understand me is a healthy mind. And, even better, an even healthier heart.

Send me well - wishes, please.

We have been "hiding out" for the past 2 weeks. I am soon to start up my own podcast. Stay tuned...

I sincerely wish you to contact 'the powers that be', not the ones who think they are ... And, send me your Light, Love and a few Laughs!

Be sure and read: "Stolen Heartbeat" as written for www. Pear.com ( Pear Magazine ), this January 09. Let me know how my words and truth touch you.

With all my healing heart,

Katherine Marion




And, more ....

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Monday, March 2, 2009

www.SupernaturalWoman.com - www.Rawsomechef.com

I am rawk'n and should soon go to sleep ...

Listening to Joyous Jinjee talk about Gratitude and Appreciation. And, reading David Wolfe's wonderful www.bestdayever.com

Be sure and read my recently published "Stolen Heartbeat" in last months' Feb edition of Pear Magazine and on my SNW website.

Looking forward to your conscious commentary concerning my sites and www.youtube.com/rawsomechef video's .

Rawsomely Yours,


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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Succulent Saturday! - www.SupernaturalWoman.com

Enjoying reading my "Stolen Heartbeat" on www.SupernaturalWoman.com, as excerpted from www.PearMagazine.com

Please send me your comments and what you wish to read more of ...

Enjoy the rest of my best for January's articles.

Made to Move,




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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fruitfal Friday to You!

Sweet Fruits of Desire - right at your fabulous fingertips ....

Please check out this month's issue of yummiest www.PearMagazine.com for my very fresh article, that will blow your mind and open up your heart ...

Read my rawsome words and allow me and the precious people to know how my love and life has touched you and yours.

Constantly and consciously Inspiring,




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Rawsome Reality

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